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The closest accommodation to the ferry boat terminal

 Popular with  pilgrims , bikers , and  surfers !!

John's location is on the border between Tosa City and Suzaki City.
 John's location is easy to see , It is located right next to the prefectural road , So it's easy to find ! If you're checking the ferry port on a map, it's easy because it's right in front of you.... John's goodness is safety and security, location, comfort and good sleep, shopping, washing and drying, ease of use, interaction, etc....Please read the site to the end if you like. Based on what I felt from staying overnight inns in Japan and overseas, I started to think that it would be useful to solo travelers, so I will introduce it as much as possible.

About Hostel John Mang

An inn that makes you say "It was better than I expected!"

Convenient for pilgrims!

 30 seconds from Hostel John to ferry terminal !

  ferry departure time is 07:10 in the morning  ,

 There is no need to panic after getting ready for the beginning !

  No need to wait on a chair in the waiting room , 
You can get on the ferry boat as it is , which means you can use your time effectively !

check in time   16:00

check out time 09:00

hotel fee

1room per person  4,000yen                   

2people 1room        7,000yen (per person 3,500yen)

adress:4-17 haigata uranouti susaki kochi


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Please spend a comfortable time

Lage Japanese -style room ,  You can interact with travelers !

John is comfortable

 This is a shared room (triple person) with a bed on the east side.

 Bunk beds in shared rooms have blackout curtains.

 Each bed has a reading light and a charging outlet

 This is a private room on the south side. Air-conditioned room with TV and desk.

  The large Japanese-style room can have dinner for 5~6 people. There is an air conditioner, so there is no need to worry about air conditioning.

A bright washbasin and hot water are available. There is also a hair dryer, nail clippers, free toothbrush and razor.

It is a large retro shower room. There is shampoo, conditioner and body soap. Plenty of undressing space and locked doors keep your privacy safe.

 ◇◇ Nice toilet 1 ◇◇ 
Why are you happy? That's because John has two clean toilets.

 ◇◇ Helpful toilet 2 ◇◇ 
And why is it helpful? That's because when you don't have time, when you have to be patient, having two toilets halves that risk.

  On the window side, you can feel the sea breeze changing the seasons.

  From the bedroom window, you can see the forest. Sometimes small birds come knocking on the windows.

   Please feel free to use the kitchen. There is a refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, IH stove, electric kettle, and other frying pans and tableware. (Please bring your own seasonings.) ※ Dishes with a strong odor are prohibited. )

John is easy to use

 There is a coin-operated laundry that can be used 24 hours a day, and the laundry is installed separately from the bathroom dressing room, so you can use it without worrying about other people undressing or using the shower. In addition, there are two washing machines and two dryers each, so it does not take much time to wait in line.

Bicycles can be rented free of charge, so please use them for meals and shopping at restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

Wi-Fi, docomo Hikari,
Since it is a cable-retractable type, it is fast and stable.

 It is about 4.5 km from "36th Sapporo Seiryuji Temple". .........
 It is 50 meters from the Tosaden Kotsu Bus Station, so it is convenient for those who use the bus.

 Again, the "cruise ship boarding area" is right in front of you, so if you are using a ferry, you don't have to panic in the morning.

  Drink vending machines are available at the entrance to the ferry station.

  The convenience store in front of the Usa Bridge is a short bicycle ride away.
In addition, the convenience store (this FamilyMart) can keep your luggage for pilgrims returning from Seiryuji Temple, so you can shop when you return, which is grateful. It's close to going by bike to buy extra from John.

  On the way to Seiryuji Temple No. 36, it is convenient to stop by for lunch in Usa Town. Usa Monya across from the supermarket is also open at night, so you can use it for dinner. ... There are also other delicious restaurants in Usa Town, so we will guide you. (Izakaya, Okonomiyaki restaurant, Ramen shop)

John is safe and clean

  We have received a certificate of conformity with the Fire Service Act.

  We also have secured evacuation routes in the event of a tsunami.

 When you enter the entrance, a new cedar board wall appears. It's neat, but it has a natural texture with the image of a mountain hut somewhere. The inside of the building is clean and tidy.


hostel john mang

※ no pets and no smoking

※ From January , cooking of grilled meat, hot pots, and other strong-smelling boiled foods will be prohibited indoors, including kitchens. (Please note that if you cannot remove the smell, it will cause inconvenience to the next guest.) 


If you would like to enjoy delicious local meals at the inn and rest in a more fulfilling private room, there is a "Minshuku Nazuna" ahead, so please contact us. "Minshuku Nazuna" is linked from the button below, thank you.
(If you use Minshuku Nazuna, the ferry boat boarding area will be "Fukaura Fishing Port.") 

An example of a dinner at "Nazuna"  

An example of breakfast at "Nazuna"

↑ "Nazuna" room

↑ "Nazuna" room

↑Nazuna's photo